Saturday 28 February 2015

....just creeping in and saying hello......
Well its been a long time since I have written a blog post.
There have been lots of reasons behind this, firstly I was unsure if I wanted to continue with my blog after all the horrible carryon that was happening behind the scenes between other crafters etc. It really upset me, that the world I thought I knew and loved wasnt as lovely and friendly as I thought it was and really saddened me.
Another major reason was I had completely fell out of love with cardmaking. WHAT?? I hear you say....
Yes I hated it, I was struggling to find the get up and go and my mojo went walkabout. I thought if I took a break and a step down from my amazing design teams that it would give me time to rest, and hopefully come back and enjoy it again. 
Well it had always worked in the past, hadnt it?
Nope not this time, I wanted something completely different, I started to try different things, going back to knitting and sewing, discovered embroidery which I fell in love with. I concentrated more on my fb page and my instagram account. Joined twitter (still havent got a clue what Im doing!)
I actually then decided to sell all my stamps, papers, inks etc, in fact nearly all my cardmaking stash including my die cutters and tools. 
And I dont miss them at all, I worried I might look back and thought I had made a huge mistake but thats been over a year and I do not miss any of it. 
My little business page on fb is going from strength to strength, my esty shop has had a few sales and lots of customers favoriting my items. I have fallen in love with embroidery and sewing, working to define my style and creating new products.
In a nutshell I am happier, more relaxed and enjoying life once again. 
I am also starting to draw again, something I have missed doing for the last 20 years. 
I debated whether or not to close this blog and start again from scratch, to remove all the previous posts of my cards etc. But have decided against that, I think newer crafters out there can still get inspiration from my old cards and I know how much that helped me when I first started.
I will be taking this blog in a different direction now, with more of my other work, more posts about sewing, embroidery, family and life. 
I would be delighted if you stayed with me on this new journey but will understand completely if you decide its not for you.
So heres to 2015, a new beginning for Craftykatdesign