Tuesday 28 February 2012

A rainbow fairy...

Good morning lovely blog friends,I hope you are all well. I don't really have much news to share today, I am feeling a bit down at the moment, I was hoping a crafty play last night would have cheered me up, but nope, still feeling low. 
I think, well no actually I know the reason, I find the times around birthdays and Christmas very difficult, I miss Charlie all the time but I feel like we are not a complete family at times when family is important, like birthdays etc. So sorry for being down like this from time to time but it does help putting my feelings into words and sharing them.
 I do hope you don't mind..

Anyhoo, why dont I share a card that I made, I came across this image the other week when doing my commenting, and before you could say Teen Fairy Mia, I hopped over to Mo's digital pencil shop and bought her!!!! She is very lovely and I decided to give her a rainbow dress. I was quite happy with how it turned out, but then I decided to spritz it with shimmer mist, doh!! its gone a bit blotchy and I ripped the doily as it was damp, but lets just say thats what I wanted to happen! lol
I wont tell if you dont 

Card Recipe
image - teen fairy mia mo manning
medium - copics and flexmarkers
flowers - woc and local shop
seam binding - ebay
papers - melissa frances 5th avenue
pin, doily and pearls - stash


Stempelhexe said...

Wunderschön zart coloriert, eine ganz tolle romantische und doch verspielte Karte, gefällt mir sehr gut.


Squirrel x said...

Sending you the biggest of hugs hun, it must be the hardest time of year ever and I cannot begin to image how you must feel. Gorgeous fairy card, she is really magical in those pretty colours. Sxx

Kelly Lloyd said...

Morning Kat,

Can not begin to imagine how you are feeling it must be so hard..
I am glad that talking about it helps you get through the harder days..

Big cuddle for you..

This card is beautiful, colours are lovely, layout perfect to..

Hugs Kelly

Marjorie said...

Hi hun, hope you are feeling a bit better..sending you big hugs, and if writing down and sharing how you feel helps we don't mind...
your card is just precious..and such an adorable image, Mo does draw gorgeous images doesn't she..and you colour them beautifully..
Big hugs,

catherine said...

Great card kat and the image is beautiful. Wonderful colours.I imagine times will be harder than others. Sending hugs to you
x catherine

angelwhispers said...

This is just so beautiful Kat and such fabulous colours!

Sorry you are feeling down at the moment although I'm not in the same situation as you, I do know how you are feeling as I'm currently of work with depression because of family problems! Its nice to be able to put your feelings into words as people who are close to us really don't understand some days how we feel so letting of steam on our blogs is a great help!

Hope you have had a better day thinking of you.

Love & Big Hugs to you Love Chanelle xxx

Tracey T said...

Well I think this card is lovely and can't see anything blotchy on the image at all! Don't you worry about putting your thoughts down on your blog. You're bound to miss the wee man and so how you're feeling is perfectly right and normal, even though it must be very hard to cope with at times. And you know that your friends here in Cyberworld will support you - you've only got to look at some of the comments above. Sending you love and a great big hug, Tracey xx

Unknown said...

Hi Kat, I'm so sorry I missed this post yesterday - and so sorry to hear that you are feeling down.

Y'know if I lived a bit closer I'd come over and give you a great big hug! I've not been through anything like you have, but have been through my own rough times and sometimes it is difficult to get up in the mornings and carry on even though inside your heart is aching.

I do hope you feel better soon and am thinking of you.

Oooh, almost forgot - great card, love the colours and the image is gorgeous!!