Wednesday 20 February 2013

A Quick update

Hi lovelies, a very warm welcome to my new followers, I have reached the 400 mark and I am delighted that you all enjoy my cards and crafts so much that you choose to follow me. I am planning to do a little blog candy giveaway to celebrate.
So keep an eye out!

I havent been around much lately as life has kinda got in the way. I have taken the difficult decision to leave a couple of my dt's and to take a step back from another couple to help ease things for me.
My youngest daughter, Maya has been officially diagnosed as having coeliac disease and has started onto a gluten free diet. We only started it on saturday so its early days, and we have had good days and bad so far I have had to do a lot of research and visiting supermarkets to find foods for her, I do get some on prescription but only the basics. Hopefully with time and support we will get used to it.

I will be back tomorrow with my design team card for Mo's

Again I want to say welcome to my new followers, I hope I can inspire you. I truly appreciate you choosing to follow me <3


Shanna Shands said...

You can try some of these recipes.

It is definitely hard as I had to switch up my diet due to heart and diabetic problems... Hard to believe as I was such a healthy eater and had to switch to gluten free to reduce these risks since normal dieting did not work....

Here are two blogs I follow as well

Best Wishes!!!

Unknown said...

I have been on a gluten-free diet for the last 4 months already. One gets used to it fairly quick. You guys will be fine.

Best of luck!

Shanna, thanks for sharing the blogs. I follow some of those as well.


Sue said...

Hi Kat,
sorry to hear about your daughter, hopefully with the right diet she will start to feel a lot better.
Take care
hugs Sue

DebraK said...

I had to go gluten-free and dairy-free for a month and I was not a happy girl. Dairy-free only lasted about 2 weeks. I found these sites:
I read somewhere (don't have a source for you, sorry) that gluten is addictive, and I fully believe that. Around the 10 day mark of gluten-free, I had a melt-down I guess you could call it. I was just irritable and not pleasant. I'd say ease into it with her, and don't feel you have to turn off the gluten on day one. It is definately a learning process. We went out and bought every gluten-free thing we could buy at the turn of $500, and that was unnecessary. Meats, veggies, fresh fruit will be your best sources. Good luck with it. I'm sure she will feel so much better in less than a week. I just recently started re-entering gluten into my diet and it is not working out so well. So I might make gluten-free a life change. Wheat is not a good thing for anyone's body anyway...amazing that is a somewhat buried fact...

Anonymous said...

The best of luck adjusting to the new regime, take care!
Helen x

Iulia said...

Don't worry sweetie; I know it came so unexpected but nowadays there are so many variants who lack gluten. The good thing is that you figured it out in time and can cope with it now.
Best of luck and good health to your little one!
Hugs, Iulia