Thursday 1 March 2012

Its my birthday!!! yaaaaay

Hi everyone, I thought I would pop on and share some of my birthday gifts and cards with you. I will be back later with a little birthday candy.
I have been thoroughly spoiled by my family and friends, the kids are hyper at the moment, desperate for some birthday cake!lol
here is the cake they are wanting so badly,
looks yummy doesnt it? It is a giant lemon cupcake, cant wait to have a piece.
Meghan made me the most gorgeous card, all her own work including the image.

this is the gorgeous bag I got from the kids

I also got a lovely package from my BBF (best blog friend!)The ever so lovely Sara. She sent me a gorgeous card, (cant share it at the moment) and a parcel filled with yummy goodies.
thank you so much sweetie, mwah xx

I also got this beautiful card from my fab friend Sarah

thank you Sarah, I love it, xx

My gorgeous hubby and my mum gave me money to buy some crafty things and I got lots of other lovely presents too.
Hubby is also taking me out for dinner on saturday. 
I am one very happy birthday girl today!

See you all later with my birthday candy


sara said...

i know ive said it already but HAPPY BIRTHDAY my lovely friend !!! tell meghan i love her card and where did she get that red dotty heart !!!!! love love love that bag you lucky girl !!
big birthday hugs sweetie x x x x

catherine said...

A very happy birthday to you Kat and hope you have a fantastic day. What a grand job your daughter made of her card and the bag is delisch. No wonder you can't wait to have a piece of that cake-looks so yummy.
x catherine

Linda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have a lovely day.. Love the bag, and the cards are beautiful!!
Hugs, Linda

Flowergirl said...

Happy Birthday, That cake looks so yummy! Enjoy the rest of your day x
Wendy x

Nina said...

Happy birthday !
Thank cupcake looks good - enjoy !
:-) Nina

Ally said...

Happy Birthday Kat! Hope you have a great day!
Hugs, Alessandra

Kelly Lloyd said...

WOW.. What a lot of goodies you've had.. Wishing you a Very happy birthday.. That cake looks amazing (yummy yummy).. It looks like Meghan has inhertited her mums talent at card making.. Its is wonderful... And I would love a bag like that lol..

Enjoy the rest of your day

Love and Hugs

Unknown said...

So glad you are having a great day. Your cake looks gorgeous.Enjoy your meal

Unknown said...

Hi Kat, I know it's a bit late in the day - but Happy Birthday!

Now I would normally burst into song here - but the cats are so peacefully asleep that I don't want to scare them awake with my singing!!!

So hope you enjoyed your birthday, what lovely presents you have and am sure you will buy some delish things with your birthday money!

That cake looks awesome and Meghans card is just brilliant! Has she ever thought about starting a career as a digi stamp designer?

Glad you liked my card (and it survived the post!).

So nice to have you as a bloggy friend.

Best wishes,

nnalorac said...

Happy Birthday Kat, hope you've had a lovely day. Love the pressies and that cake looks so yummy, gorgeous flowers decorations. Carolxx

mags said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great day and that cake looks yummy.

angelwhispers said...

Happy birthday lovely lady!!!! The cake looks yummy and I adore Meghan's card she obviously has her mummy's talents!!!! Have a great time Chanelle xxxx

CraftyC said...

Happy birthday Kat, have a lovely day!

Teresa said...

Happy Birthday Kat, I would have loved to have sent you a card (don't know your address) you had some fabby pressies and that gorgeous card from Meghan is so sweet. The cake looks pretty yummy too!
So you managed to cut into your pion papers then lol, it's really painful isn't it, that first cut but it does get easier. After you said I should have a good stock of them I counted 39 sheets and I've used at least another 20 on top of that (blush) but I don't mind living on beans on toast lol. Take care hun and enjoy your weekend. hugs Teresa xx

Julie said...

Happy birthday. In my opinion the 1st March is the best day to have a birthday ever!!

Hope you had a great day! xx