Friday 23 March 2012

winner of my birthday candy

 Morning everyone, sorry I haven't been around this week I will explain all in a moment, but first I wanted to give you the result of my birthday candy draw. I got Alex to pick a name out of a hat and he picked......

Teresa of craftingallday creations

If you could email me Teresa with your address I will get the goodies in the post to you xx

I wanted to apologise if I haven't left you any comments lately, blogger decided to freeze me out all week, so I have been able to visit your blogs but not leave comments. I have done all the usual stuff like change to google chrome etc but blogger just wouldnt play ball!! even tonight I still cant leave comments on everyone's blog but it is getting better so I am hoping its sorting itself out!
The other main reasons for being absent this week have been due to the fact I have been unwell. First off I have had an tooth abscess which has been seen too but I had to get my tooth packed and an appointment made for me to go back and see my own dentist when he comes back from holiday (4 weeks from now!!!)but the packing has already started to come out so I think I will be back before then.
Then to top my week off I have had the mother of all migraines. It started on tuesday evening with a slight sore head which I put down to my sore mouth and jaw. But no I wasn't getting away that easy by midnight I was vomiting, lost the vision in my right eye and felt like my eye was going to explode with the pressure in my head. So I have been left a bit washed out and generally feeling bleurghhh!! So not a lot of crafting happening here this week.
Roll on the weekend please!
Hopefully I will be back soon with something crafty!


Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Aww Kat that sounds terrible!! Hope you are feeling better soon. Nothing worse than problems with teeth! Argh I hate the dentist! Blogger always plays up for me at home for some reason. I can only open about 4 blogs and then it doesnt idea why! How annoying for you though :(

Ally said...

Congrats to Teresa! Woo hoo..

Ih no, that sounds dreadful, I so hope you feel a bit better now!! Take care.
Hugs, Alessandra

Squirrel x said...

Oh you poor little sausage! Hope the nasty abcess behaves. Sorry about the migraine - been there, got many t-shirts - hope you are starting to feel a bit more human now. Big hugs Sxx

cheryl said...

oh Hun,bless your heart really hope you get better soon hun,take it easy sweetie,and take care,hope you begin to feel better soon,hugs Cherylxxxxxx

Kelly Lloyd said...

Oh dear Kat, i hope you are feeling better soon.. Take Care..

Love an hugs kelly x

Exclusively by Mel said...

Oh you poor thing xxx
What a rotten time you've had!
Hope your feeling much better lovely.
Mel. xxx

Teresa said...

Oh wow Thank you so much Kat, I'm really happy to have won your candy, thanks to Alex too.
I'm so sorry you have been feeling so poorly, I had an abscess over Christmas and had to wait till the middle of Jan to get it sorted so I really feel for you. Hope the nasty migraine has gone for good too. Take care, hugs Teresa xx

Shari said...

Kat, so sorry you have not been well, it sounds TERRIBLE! Hope you get some rest and back feeling better soon, hugs!!

Teresa, congratulations on your win!

Unknown said...

Hi Kat, I did wonder where you had vanished to!

So sorry to hear that you've been so unwell. The abscess sounds dreadful and the migraine even worse.

I hate the dentist (on the point of phobia) and suffered with migraines for many years from teenage to late 20's (not so many now) so know just the sort of pain you mean.

Glad you are feeling a bit better and hope the next visit to the dentist isn't too bad.