Saturday 7 July 2012

DT Call at The Paper Shelter

Afternoon lovelies, Before I tell you about the DT call over at the Paper Shelter, I just wanted to explain why I have MIA the last few days, I had root treatment on a molar tooth about 8 weeks ago and my mouth hasn't been right since. The tooth itself isn't sore but I have a painful lump at the side of my gum, and my cheek is tender and swollen. The dentist examined my mouth and he thinks that some of the infection from the abcess has been pushed through into my jaw bone causing a secondary infection resulting in the painful lump. So anyhoo he gave me strong antibiotics and strong painkillers which have just knocked me for six! I have had a sore head now for 3 days that gradually gets worse with every tablet I take, and I am feeling sick and wobbly. But the plus side is my mouth is getting better!! So it must all be worth it eh?
Only two more days of tablets to go then hopefully I will get back to my normal self. Haven't even been colouring in which is soooo not like me!

Ok let me tell you about the real reason why I am here. 
Its time for a DT call over at The Paper Shelter

The call runs for 2 weeks, from today 7th to 20th.

What you need to do to apply to the team
  • As we work with digital images we like you need to use a digi for your application card. It doesn't have to be new and it doesn't have to be a TPS image even if we would love to see you use them.
  • Your colouring skills needs to be excellent and that is one of the main things we are looking at for our new design team members.
  • Please don't cover up your creation in too much decorations for this application, we really love to see your colouring! Even if we don't want you to cover up your creation (being a card, a LO, or altered project), we do want your project showing your style of creating.

This is what you need to be able to to regulary for the challenge blog
  • We feel that everyone deserves at least two comments each from the DT, so every second week you have to do your commenting in time. We have a comment rota, two numbers for each team member.
  • You need to be able to post your card in time both on the DT blog and on you own. (Yes, you do need to have your own blog and post on it regulary, at least once per week). 
  • You need to be able to work with digital images as well as digital designer papers as the Paper Shelter produces both of these products. They Shelter does also provide pre coloured images and once in a while it's good if you use them as well.

  • You will receive a gift certificate to purchase the items you will need to start your projects.
  • You will receive all the new products while you're in our design team
  • Inspiration from a great team of designers.
  • And a bunch of new friends.


Karen Howard said...

Sorry to hear that you under the weather and hope your feeling like your old self again soon! Hugs, Karen

angelwhispers said...

Kat I know how you feel I've had gum ache since I have two teeth out and the pain is a nightmare!! Hope you are back to 100% as soon as you have finished the tablets! Love and Hugs Chanelle xxx

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

So glad to hear it is finally getting a little better Kat! That is just the worst though and hope you are feeling 100% soon :) xx

Sue said...

awww poor you Kat, it sounds like you have had a rotten time. I hope it all calms down really soon.
Take care
Hugs Sue

Judie said...

Oh Kat, poor you, I do hope uou get to feeling like your old self real quick. Hang in.